Reach Your Dreams Now!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Life of Infinite Possibilities

Reach Your Dreams Now! is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to live a life filled with infinite possibilities. In this book, along with the accompanying workbook, Gioya McRae shares her easy-to-follow strategies.

You’ll Learn How To:

Change habits that keep you standing in place.

Overcome obstacles standing between you and your dreams.

Create the Life of Your Dreams

Reach Your Dreams Now!

Reach Your Dreams Now! Book & Workbook

$19.99/set for print

$2.99 Kindle version (book only) 

What people are saying... 

"I'm proud of you, sis, helping others to make their dreams into reality just as you have. And, finally, on another note, I had no idea how much you've been through! Wow, look at you now. You're truly a diamond..."

~ Regina Clark, writer/editor/educator 

Gioya McRae

About the Author

Gioya McRae, the Founder of Rewrite Your Life, is a certified creativity and transitional life coach, author, speaker and publisher who is dedicated to helping women over 50 Redefine success and find a renewed sense of purpose. She has self-published books and her articles have been featured in numerous magazines. McRae was certified through the Creativity Coaching Association.

McRae's mission is to help women over 50...

*ReDefine Their Journeys

*ReInvent Themselves

*ReDesign Their Futures

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